Start-ups Consulting

  • Complete turn key solutions for Micro-Small-Medium start-ups in most of the sectors.
  • Identification of the business requirements after understanding the goals of the promoters.
  • Creating the blue print to achieve the initial goals, economizing on finances and time.
  • Setting up of in-house processes and introduction of vendors and outsourcing.
  • Putting together a professional team with required skill set to deliver desired results.
  • Designing of marketing and sales strategies and supervising their implementation.

Existing Businesses

  • Analysis – Meetings with clients to understand current process, gather detailed requirements, and identify objectives to conquer. Identify and discuss uncertainties and risks.
  • Planning – Plan projects to achieve required goals within constraints of time, cost and end result. Document requirements and managing through to execution, schedule tasks, milestones and deadlines.
  • Execution – Coordinate clients, vendors, service providers and team members. Monitor the project and ensure that the work proceeds on-spec and meets requirements and level of quality. Manage road blocks and bring work back on plan when things go off the plan.
  • Client Interaction – Introduce and explain new technology and proposed solutions, presenting reports on achievement of milestones, train client in use of new technology and process and provide support post project and ensure client expectations are met and exceeded in terms of services delivered.

Franchise Development

  • Complete solutions for franchise development for existing as well as new chains.
  • Development of effective franchise development programs, tailored to specific needs of the respective markets.
  • Complete evaluation and analysis of market sectors and infrastructure requirements.
  • Recommendations based on the analysis suiting the business concept and market sectors and shaping the final strategy.
  • Implementation of most effective marketing strategy and lead generation of prospective franchisees.