Search engine optimization is a strategy to improve a web site’s presence in natural and organic (Free) search Results Positioning ( Google and other search engines).

Businesses and Services today generate inquiries & leads thru web searches. Every business or service has unique keywords which relate to it, by taping onto these unique keywords we can bring traffic to your website. At Sapphire Links we help to improve your website ranking for these unique keywords on major Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, MSN) simply by applying the latest methods and techniques. Our real-time SEO plan, strategies and execution on your project helps us to achieve the goal in a minimum time span.

We have a highly skilled team of professionals and Webmasters who follow “White Hat SEO” approach to complete a job and resulting in good Return on Investment (ROI). Our team is always running up to date with the latest moves by Google Spam team, which helps us to change our plan strategy and generate more leads for our client business.

Our firm tailor makes the entire Internet Marketing plan according to the clients’ requirement, and market factors focusing on the ROI. Our SEO team will take the following steps in order to provide you with the most effective SEO campaign possible. This outline will be the same process which will be provided for your website when being optimized by us. We have recently tuned our strategy to be post penguin 2.1 and Hummingbird updates in order to provide our clients with the best rankings possible.

1) Website Analysis
a) Analyze all the On-page and Off-page factors
b) Competitor’s Analysis,
c) Website Content Optimization

2) On-page optimization
a) Keyword Research
b) Meta Tags Optimization
c) Image Optimization
d) Link Analysis
e) Sitemap
f) Google Webmaster’s Account (Maps, Keywords, Reports)
g) Google Analytics Account Creation & Management

3) Off-page optimization
a) Social Bookmarking
b) Search Engine Submission,
c) Directory Submissions,
d) Articles etc
e) Monitoring & Reporting